'Bits and Pieces'- Glass Mosaic Show

The Contemporary Glass Society (CGS) presents ‘Bits and Pieces-Glass Mosaic Show’, an online glass exhibition that showcases the glass work of Glass Mosaic Artists. This glittering and shimmering display of work using glass mosaic reveals the passion and meticulous detail that these artists demonstrate.

46 artists from 16 different countries have been selected for the show, who investigate ways of working with glass to explore new ways of covering objects, walls and more with pieces of glass.

Artists originate from the following countries: Nambia, Mexico, South Africa, Israel, Singapore, Bulgaria, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, The Netherlands, USA, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland and UK.

This was an Open show, both CGS members and non-members were able to enter work. Selections were made in conjunction with invited curator Martin Cheek, a glass mosaic specialist.

Martin Cheek has been making mosaics for over 30 years and is author of six best-selling books on mosaics. When his first book ‘Mosaics in a Weekend’ came out in 1994, most members of the general public had not thought that they could make their own mosaics. Many people have since told him that this was the book that got them started making mosaics. Fused glass elements are now the main feature of his mosaics. He prefers to make his subjects out of fused glass and only the background is ‘mosaiced’ in the traditional way. Because of this he claims to have invented a new medium, namely: ‘Fused Glass Mosaics’ . His sixth book is called ‘Fused Glass Mosaics’ and contains examples of his mosaics from over the last thirty years.

You can see Martin's mosaic work by going to his website at http://www.martincheek.co.uk and Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/martincheekmosaicart

This CGS exhibition was launched on 13th March 2015

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Martin for helping us curate this extraordinary show.