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Current Exhibition

That Which Inspires Us- An exhibition co-curated with Cathryn Shilling

Inspiration. It motivates us. Directs us. Shapes us and influences us in ways we may not be consciously aware of.

Inspiration is a complex tapestry of rich, disconnected and sometimes bizarre threads, spanning a lifetime of creative experiences.

This exhibition is my ‘tapestry’. It is very personal to me and within its threads are themes and motifs which have nurtured my creativity, as well as steered my practice in ways I am not even aware.

No two tapestries are the same. They are as individual as each of us. What inspires one person, may leave another cold. They can be tranquil, or vibrant. Monochrome, or technicolour. Minimal, or lavish. Above all however, they are stories and within the narrative of those rich and intricate threads, we are able to provide others with a glimpse of That Which Inspires Us.

Cathryn Shilling FSDC