Glass Artist Testimonials

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CGS is proud to support many illustrious glass artists from around the world. Some of them have been kind enough to tell us what they think about being a part of the CGS network, and how this helps them. 

 'I am so delighted; I've been accepted on Keke Cribbs' course at Pilchuck this summer. Thanks to the CGS conference I was introduced to her, and was enchanted by her work and happy personality. Yet again, CGS has changed my life! It's difficult for me to say how many ways you've made a difference in my life and work. Now it is filtering through to another new generation... 2 of my students are now being supported and encouraged by being chosen to be in this new on-line exhibition. I am so thrilled for them, and it has made an enormous difference to their confidence. Thank you so much!' Jacque Pavlosky

'The CGS is going from strength to strength – they offer a connection to the wider glass community but also arrange great discounts and opportunities…all of which I have personally benefitted from.' Lisa Pettibone

'CGS is for me a 'society' in all senses of the word. It exists not only to promote contemporary glass in the wider art world, but also to provide a supportive community for members, the vast majority who (I'm guessing) work in isolation. CGS membership provides access to to information, opportunities to exhibit, education and the chance to connect with contemporaries. Supporting CGS enables it to continue this work at the heart of the UK glass family.' Nancy Sutcliffe

'I work by myself in my garden studio in Oxford and rely on CGS for information about what is happening in the glass world. I've seen inspirational speakers and made new friends at CGS conferences and the online galleries have been a great way to keep in touch with what other people are doing with glass. Glass is still a mystery to many in the artworld and CGS plays a vital role through its exhibition programme in educating people about the range of spectacular work that is being made all over the country.' Wendy Newhofer

Liz Waugh McManus was kind enough to give us a more detailed insight into how CGS has influenced her as an artist. 

'I would really recommend joining the CGS, not just to people working solely in glass, but any artist using it as a medium.  I joined the CGS early on as it was a great way to join a glass community, particularly as I didn't have connections through being part of a glass department at university.  As well as getting to know other people's work through the CGS online directory,  I was able to meet other artists working in glass in the flesh through attending and organising eastern region CGS events.

I have also benefitted from exhibition opportunities organised by the CGS, such as the Glass Games in London, the Medallions at the British Glass Biennale and the online gallery.

The CGS also had an impact on my professional development through its mentorship scheme.  When I applied for it, I already knew the benefits of being mentored as, when I first started working in glass, I had some mentorship from  Emma Woffenden (through Firstsite Gallery). I also knew how the system worked as I had been a mentor to a sculptor myself.  I was delighted to be selected and to be allocated respected artist and teacher Angela Thwaites,  as my mentor 2009 -10.

The CGS mentorship was an opportunity to examine my career and practice and gave me new impetus. It gave me access to matters ranging from professional contacts to technical expertise and pushed me into undertaking things that I had been contemplating for a while. I started combining two areas of my practice, glass sculpture and animation/film. The resulting pieces Fairfield I  and II were exhibited  in 'Recollect' in London and in the 2010 British Glass Biennale in Stourbridge.  Since then I have continued to develop in this direction and exhibiting glass/film projection installations including the  2012 British Glass Biennale and the Coburg Glass Exhibition 2014.' 

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