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At CGS our members are at the heart of everything we do.

We have a wide reach both geographically with members all across the world. Our members come from a different backgrounds, and have a wide range of abilities, experience and purpose, from those who simply enjoy glass as a collector through to internationally acclaimed artists. This puts us in an unique position to understand the ecology of contemporary glass art and to support our members to achieve their artistic potential, or to enjoy the artistic excellence of others.

We offer a fantastic range of benefits, not only from a practical standpoint, but also in terms of networking and support, making membership an essential part of working in contemporary glass art. Our membership benefits are  being continually added to, and being a part of our organisation is an investment in your own development. We can help you grow your practice, and we work on your behalf to encourage excellence in glass as a creative medium. 

Join us today – together we are stronger and CGS is more sustainable and more able to represent, educate, encourage experimentation, debate, refinement of skills and to promote excellence at all levels.

"CGS is for me a 'society' in all senses of the word. It exists not only to promote contemporary glass in the wider art world, but also to provide a supportive community for members, the vast majority whom work in isolation. CGS membership provides access to to information, opportunities to exhibit, education and the chance to connect with contemporaries. Supporting CGS enables it to continue this work at the heart of the UK glass family."  Nancy Sutcliffe, Member, 2014.