World country:Hungary

Technique:Casting, Kiln work, Leaded and stained

Occupation:Artist, Trade and Industry

Discipline:Design, Fine art, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Exhibition

Product:Design/ Functional/ interiors, Fine Art, Windows


Zsuzsanna Deák

Let me introduce myself: I am Zsuzsanna Deák, a glass artist from Szeged. 1976. Szeged 1991-1995 István Tömörkény Art High School 1995-1998 CE Glass garfikus 1998-1999 Interior designer OKJ 1998-2001 Jüllich Glas Holding, head of decorative glass department 2001 - 2001 Deák Design glass designer 2016-2019 University of Szeged JGYPK Visual Representation - Architectural Flat Glass BA 2020-2022 Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design - MA

I researched the areas and ways of using ARCHITECTURAL GLASS WASTE.

Title of my dissertation:

Investigation of waste processing in the glass area.

Hollow and architectural glass waste is currently collected selectively.
The recyclability of the hollow bottle is ensured by washing, melting or, in the case of intact bottles /
return, washing and re-bottling. After grinding, construction waste is recycled in glass asphalt, glass wool and foam gravel.
The processes used so far recycle only 30% of the waste.
I have focused on the recyclability of architectural glass waste such as float glass and glass sludge and the study of
lower energy processes that involve thousands and hundreds of tons of raw materials per year.

In his experiments, I focused on procedures that can be applied in the field of CRAFTART.

I worked the raw materials at different temperatures and with additives and dyes,
which show a very impressive end result.

The obtained result is suitable for the production of glass tiles, glass bricks and architectural glass,
as well as for the production of ornaments produced with pate-de-verre glass art technology.

A new thermal insulation material has also become my invention.
The glass sludge is suitable for the production of post-thermal insulation material after grinding and
melting. The name of the new Thermal Insulation Material: Foam Glass!

He helped me to measure the material experiments at the Pannonian University in Veszprém.


Architectural float glass waste and glass sludge can be recycled Coatings made from recycled materials
can be produced using less energy than new ones.

My vision for this area of ​​research has already crystallized:
– Creating applied arts products that not only decorate your home, but also use waste in their production
to protect our planet from the accumulation of useless waste and carbon emissions!
My mission:
– Conscious selective collection and recycling of glass waste. Secondary life of waste, in valuable
applied arts products.
Core values ​​(default):
– Handmade, sustainably designed contemporary applied art products and architectural elements from recycled
architectural glass waste.

Deák Design Glass vase , Deák Zsuzsanna

Deák Design Glass vase , Deák Zsuzsanna

Balaton Collection , Deák Zsuzsanna

Deák Design Glass vase

Deák Design Glass vase , Deák Zsuzsanna

Balaton Collection , Deák Zsuzsanna

Balaton Collection , Deák Zsuzsanna