Region:North West England

Technique:Kiln work

Occupation:Artist, Other

Discipline:Decorative, Design, Functional

Areas of Interest:Exhibition, Techniques

Country:United Kingdom

Diane Rowlinson

I live in the Lake District fusing glass inspired by the landscape but with an Art Deco twist. The Bloomsbury Group of Artists & the Canadian Group of 7 also influence me. Rivers are my recent fascination using iridescent colours, aspiring to replicate their fluidity of movement & the reflection of light on water. My variety of work includes a trophy for the Irish Ballooning Club, glassware for the award winning Old Stamp House Restaurant & other works being both decorative & functional.

My work has been used to promote various northern glass exhibitions & is currently on the cover for te masterclass courses at Brantwood, near Coniston, where Ruskin lived.

Caribbean wave

River Lune in flow

Out of the darkness into the light

Stepping stones

Water bowl

Mediterranean wave

Iridescent square shimmer plate

Moroccan inspired shimmer plate

Water ripple plate