Region:South East England

Technique:Etching, Kiln work, Leaded and stained

Occupation:Artist, Educator, Student

Discipline:Decorative, Design, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Exhibition, Techniques, Workshops

Product:Design/ Functional/ interiors, Sculptural, Windows

Country:United Kingdom

County:East Sussex Act Studio

Roë Holcombe

Roë Holcombe is a Stained Glass and Fused Glass Artist. Her love of the play of light through coloured glass is what spurs her on! Her main method of construction in a stained glass panel is using the copper foil technique developed and popularised by Louis Comfort Tiffany around the 1880's - this enables the use of varying widths of solder lines within a piece adding both interest and texture. Roë's work is invariably vibrant and energetic, drawing the viewer in. She has a tendency to prefer geometric contemporary patterns but also is very happy to take commissions for representational art.

Roë has a BA Hons Degree as a Designer Maker from Hastings University. She is currently developing her own method of making fused glass portraits using Bullseye glass – mainly opaque colours and some reactive glasses.

Contemporary stained glass

My Mask , Roë Holcombe

Amy , Roë Holcombe

Betty , Roë Holcombe

Villa Grande Door , Roë Holcombe

Wave over coral reef , Roë Holcombe

Red Coral , Roë Holcombe

Bobby Dazzler , Roë Holcombe

Titch , Roë Holcombe