Phone:07985 413276

Region:Greater London



Discipline:Decorative, Functional, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Education, Techniques

Country:United Kingdom

Pat Marvell

After a career in education and public sector consultancy Pat discovered the joy of working with glass. Whilst studying for diplomas at WAES she decided to concentrate on casting, and now works from her small studio at home in North London.

Pat’s most recent work has resulted from a workshop lead by Joseph Harrington, in which he introduced a collage method of mould making. This is a totally freeing process by which forms are assembled from pre-cast blocks of textured mould material. This appeals because it opens up possibilities of using textures taken from nature, mixed with contrived textures, e.g from molten wax, to create unusual patterns and shapes..

Harvest Moon , Vicki Gardiner Photography

Vase , Vicki Gardiner Photography

Canyon 1 , Vicki Gardiner Photography

Canyon 2 , Vicki Gardiner Photography