Heilman, Al

I live on a like, and experience a fabulous interplay of nature and light daily. My work is a reflection of sunrises and sunset.

Pink Costello, Jenni

Allum, Alison

I use glass as a way of documenting and reflecting modern life and attitudes, specifically those of women. I most frequently make shoes; each glass shoe is a portrait, a comment on a particular female character, from bad girls to sad girls.

Angel Art Craft Studio

I have found my obsession in fused glass
I also love anything messy, so I use my past experiences with running a mixed media craft business and running mixed media workshop to include enamels and screen printing in my glass art

Alison Jardine

I make drop out vessels and use colours and reactions in the glass to create the fluid and elegant patterns that I love. I also love glass and wood together and make wall hanging “pictures” using old printers trays that I restore.

Vincent, Alison

Hand blown hot glass inspired by oceans, waves, mountains and wilderness nature.

Foden, Alison

Kinnaird, Alison

current news of exhibitions, talks & recent work can be found at www.alisonkinnaird.com