Poole, Alan J

Through years of research, I have garnered a vast amount of c.v. text information which I have now placed on file for future reference. This covers British & Irish Glass Artists/Designers/Students, be they living within the British Islands and Ireland, or abroad and any foreign artists now resident here. The information is added to and updated as Artist information comes in. If I have previously made contact with you in order to obtain c.v. information and as yet, you haven’t responded, please do send in your details. I would be delighted to hear from you. NB. I often receive calls and emails from people looking for specific artists working in particular techniques. Equally, if I have as yet not made contact and you are either British or Irish living here or abroad, or a foreign national working/living in GB or IRL, I would be please to receive your c.v. details.

Gower, Judith

Milne, Alan

Blakey, Alex

Throughout my practice I combine texture and the natural qualities of glass with other materials to create works of art for both the home and the public realm.
Much of my work features collective memories and glimpses into possible futures. It draws connections to its surroundings and creates a sense of narrative for the viewer.
I have worked on several large public art commissions as well as creating work for galleries and private commission. I also run regular workshops throughout the community.

Heilman, Al

I live on a like, and experience a fabulous interplay of nature and light daily. My work is a reflection of sunrises and sunset.

Pink Costello, Jenni

Allum, Alison

I use glass as a way of documenting and reflecting modern life and attitudes, specifically those of women. I most frequently make shoes; each glass shoe is a portrait, a comment on a particular female character, from bad girls to sad girls.

Angel Art Craft Studio

I have found my obsession in fused glass
I also love anything messy, so I use my past experiences with running a mixed media craft business and running mixed media workshop to include enamels and screen printing in my glass art

Alison Jardine

I make drop out vessels and use colours and reactions in the glass to create the fluid and elegant patterns that I love. I also love glass and wood together and make wall hanging “pictures” using old printers trays that I restore.

Vincent, Alison

Hand blown hot glass inspired by oceans, waves, mountains and wilderness nature.