Technique:Casting, Hot glass, Kiln work

Occupation:Artist, Educator, Student

Discipline:Design, Fine art, Installation, Other

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Conferences, Exhibition, Publications

Lisa Naas

With her MFA in Glass from Edinburgh College of Art (2015), Lisa is continuing her post-graduate work within the School of Design and currently pursuing her PhD, which focuses on the creative process. Her practice pushes glass in new directions and her collaborative work combining glass, sound, and engineering earned the Ingenious Award from the Royal Academy of Engineering ( Lisa's experience includes formal training in studio art and art history as well as a fifteen year professional career in arts administration that involved extensive work with the Tanglewood Music Festival, where she met her collaborator and counterpart, composer David Faleris.

Lisa’s design research is structured around multi-media testing, the creative process itself, and how innovation occurs. She leads an international, interdisciplinary team of artists, designers, and engineers who comprise the Makers Marks Collaborative and recently co-authored the journal article “Makers Marks: Capturing, Preserving, and Sharing the Sounds of Glassmaking” in the Special Issue of “Contemporary Glass Art: Materiality and Digital Technologies” published by MDPI’s Arts and found here: To view additional creative outputs and work in progress, please see or

The Makers Marks Project in Exhibition , Alex Hall

Makers Marks: Glass in Translation , David Faleris

Mourning Lace , Lisa Naas

Spectacles for a Black Box Dissertation , Lisa Naas

Embodiment , Lisa Naas

Excerpt from the Sorrows Release Installation , Lisa Naas

Model fitting for the Fascinator , Lisa Naas

Detail, Incidentally , Lisa Naas

Film still: Macro Glass from SORROWS film , Alkistis Terzi