Technique:Casting, Hot glass, Kiln work


Discipline:Decorative, Design, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Exhibition, Networking

Product:Public art, Sculptural, Sculpture

Anthony McCabe

I studied Glass and Ceramics - but moved into the IT Industry for thirty years, seeing the transformation of Society from using big Main Frame computers that people never knew existed to the modern Mobile phone. which you can't fail to miss. I felt a need to return back to the Arts and studied on an MA in 'Applied Art and Design' at Wolverhampton University in 2017, There I specialised in Hot glass. My blown forms are influenced from the shape of the 'Amphora', an ancient shape known to the Romans and before them, the people of Mesopotamia, the later an area that catching my imagination after a University visit to the British Museum, where we were guided behind the Middle Eastern Section and it was explained how that region helped found many of the things we use in Western civilization.

Exhibited in the ‘Life Forms’ exhibition at the Pyramid Gallery, York. Sept 2021
Curated and exhibited at the ‘Moving into the Light’ exhibition with Gallery@12 fine artists at Ingestre Orangery, Staffordshire. May 2021.
Exhibited with the Online exhibition ‘A Glass Garden’, Ingestre Orangery, Staffordshire. July 2020 (-published on YouTube. see under ‘Social Media links’, left on this page).
Exhibited with the Online exhibition ‘Life Forms’ at the Pyramid Gallery, York. June 2020
Demonstrated glass blowing for the International Festival of Glass at the Red Cone museum, Stourbridge, August 2019.
Exhibited at ‘World of Glass Museum’, St Helen’s, with the CGS in October 2019.
Exhibited at ‘3rd Session of Hejian Craft Glass Design & Creation Exhibition and Competition’ China 2018
Exhibited at the ‘Courtyard’ gallery, Wolverhampton University (March- J une 2018) with
‘The Fertile Crescent’ Exhibition.
MA show at Wolverhampton Museum and Art Gallery November 2017.
Exhibited with the CGS at Vessel Gallery, London July 2017.

In November 2018 Two pieces from the ‘Fertile Crescent’ series won the ‘Silver’ medal and the another the medal for ‘Excellent Work’ in the ‘3rd Session of China (Hejian) Craft Glass Design & Creation Exhibition and Competition’ at Ming Shangde Glass Museum, China.

In December 2019 these two pieces were bought at auction by the Shangde Museum in Hejian, China.

'The Discovery of Wealth' Winner of the Silver medal, Hejian, China 2018 , Designer/Maker: Anthony McCabe/S.Eccles. Photography; S.Bruntnell. Height 25cm x 20cm. Glass and copper inserts.

'Afterglow' (Night view) , Designer and photographer: Anthony McCabe. Maker: S.Eccles. Height 25cm x 17cm.

'Knowledge' , Designer and Photography; Anthony McCabe. Maker; S.Eccles Height 35cm x 15cm.

'The Discovery of Wealth'. , Photo from the opening presentation of the exhibition in Hejian, China. (Photo courtesy of Prof. Zhao)

Postcard from Mesopotamia , Designer and Photography; Anthony McCabe. Maker: S. Eccles. height 26cm x 20cm

'Primeval' , Designer and Photography; Anthony McCabe. Maker; DWG Glass. Stopper: A.McCabe

Three Amphora from a 'Glass Garden'. , Designer and Photography A.McCabe

Tulip - from the series 'THe Glass Garden' , Designer and Photography A.McCabe

Cuneiform II , Cuneiform II , Designer: Anthony McCabe. Photography: A.McCabe. Maker:Amphora L.Thompson. Top stopper Maker:A.McCabe Height 16xm x 13cm