Region:Greater London

Technique:Casting, Cold work, Kiln work

Occupation:Artist, Collector, Educator

Discipline:Design, Jewellery, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Exhibition, Techniques, Workshops

Product:Architectural, Design/ Functional/ interiors, Installations, Jewellery, Sculptural, Sculpture

Country:United Kingdom

Jariet Oloyé

Multi-disciplinary Artist | Kiln-formed glass Metalworking Silversmithing Goldsmithing Jewellery making Recyclable materials Based in London, Jariet is a multi-skilled artist driven by earth-friendly recyclable materials, the processes, techniques and a strong believe that our surroundings influence every aspect of our lives. Her works honours and celebrates people's joy and sweet serenity of public spaces. She started as a metalsmith, curiosity of materials and captivating power of glass led her to explore the intrinsic relationship of glass and metal. 'The alchemy, parallel and hot fusion of both mediums'. She researched, experiments and developed own metal alloys which she successfully mixes with glass and kiln-cast into aesthetic form of art jewellery and objects in abstract colours, patterns, and texture depicting the beauty of nature and the natural world. These are unique to each piece.

The abstract colours, patterns, and texture are made using the techniques of lost wax casting, core casting and mix of metal alloys. Some part of the pieces are left unpolished inviting a closer interaction with the viewer.

'Eternal Beauty Sculpture' , Jariet Oloyé

'Architectural Bangle' , Jariet Oloyé

'Cobalt Blue Sculpted Bowl' , Jariet Oloyé

'Celestial Glass Sculpture' , Jariet Oloyé