Technique:Casting, Flame working, Kiln work

Occupation:Artist, Educator

Discipline:Design, Installation, Sculptural

Areas of Interest:Competitions, Networking, Workshops

Product:Design/ Functional/ interiors, Installations, Sculptural


Giuse Maggi

Born and raised in Italy, Giuse Maggi is a multidisciplinary artist who loves to explore materials and their potential with antique and new techniques. Giuse have been working with glass for two decades till, few years ago she discovered the world of recycling and sustainable art; since then she has been combining plastic, metals and fibers with her beloved glass, experimenting weaving and basketry techniques. Her process involves an intense labor: she builds objects that have been generated by the accumulation of countless small acts. Through repetition and endless variations, her inner thoughts unfold into an emerging form. Her paintings, rugs, baskets and sculptures are a challenge and represent an intimate desire of beauty in everything is discarded and neglected by humanity. “Making” becomes a spiritual process, a ritual that links her soul to objects. Giuse Maggi has exhibited her work in many solo and group exhibitions in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Italy. She currently lives in Italy working as a fulltime artist.

Exploring forms inspired by traditional objects, reworked through a wise use of various materials, to create harmony between unlikely materials.