Maria Bemelmans

Claudia Henao Glass

Fusing, the main technique I use. But I am expanding my knowledge by continually to learn different techniques such as Pâte-de Verre, Lampwork, Sandblasting, Tiffany, Stained Glass Restoration, Image Transfer, Kiln Casting and Glass Sculptures.

Eileen Bass

Huda Awad

I am making a series of plates and bowls featuring the colours and patterns of birds. I managed to develop a crackled and water colour effects on glass.

Kitengela Hot Glass

Robin Bussell

I have been exploring the use of controlled matrices of stringers in warm glass fusing to provide permutations of colour, and refractive index, interactions as air is trapped during the firing, Recombining these sub units in symmetric patterns, then firing again, can create kaleidoscopic illusions of depth and compelling cadences of colour and shade.

I often embrace digital manufacture in my work, programming and making tools to aid my geometric compositions.

I also collaborate with artist Charlie Murphy on the electronic and technical side of a variety of glass and mixed media projects, most recently exhibited at the acclaimed show “The State Of Us” at the Lowry gallery.
As team Photonic Excitors we recently joined in with Linz virtual brain / computer interface hackathon and achieved third place with our 3D printed fibre optic EEG headset prototype.

C. A. Merriman

Antoine Rault

My work is mostly inspired by the Czech and Slovenian glass sculptor like Libensky and Zoritchak . I like to oppose the transparency and the opacity, playing with the multiple optical aspects of the glass.

Han de Kluijver

Grace Ayson