Our history

For more than 20 years, the Contemporary Glass Society has been a champion of glass artists, designers and makers. We’re not only a leading voice for all things glass-related ­– we also support artists and the industry through our growing list of projects and services.

Our recent achievements include:


  • We launched the CGS website with even more opportunities for members to promote their work and raise their profiles.
  • We also created and organised a major Olympic-inspired project with the help of Lottery funding – a spectacular nationwide programme of events, 'Glass Games'.
  • We experienced our first year of independence from Arts Council England. What started as a challenge for us, became a catalyst for change and great ideas, as we become more creative about how we fund ourselves. 


  • We became a charity! 
  • We launched 'Glass Skills', a significant project to put contemporary glass on the map. Glass Skills was a year-long celebration of the imagination and talent of today’s glass-makers and their role in keeping ancient skills alive.
  • We organised a highly successful 'Glass Skills' conference at the National Glass Centre. 


  • We saw our membership reach and exceed 700. 
  • We launched the first of our exhibition fundraising campaigns. 
  • We established Regional Hubs on the East and South East.


  • We had had a second year of members work dispalyed at National Glass Centre in special showcase. A year long exhibition of rolling artists. 
  • We had a CGS members exhibition at Pyramid Gallery York
  • We worked with Internation Festival of Glass, with exhibition WISH YOU WERE HERE, displaying 168 glass postcards
  • Many regional Hubs continue to hold events across the country


  • CGS membership reaches 900
  • We hold and exhibition in partnership with The Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh
  • We help North Lands Creative Glass celebrate 20 years with their conference in Edinburgh
  • We hold our first European exhibition in Holland with 15 CGS members work
  • We work with London Glass Blowing, BLACK TO WHITE AND BACK AGAIN, 52 CGS members taking part.


  • Exhibition at Pyramid Gallery York, Water & Music
  • Open selected exhibition at Etienne Gallery, Holland
  • CGS take part in International Festival of glass with CELEBRATIONS, 130 members took part
  • We held a two day conference in Bristol CONNECTIONS
  • Numerous online exhibitions during the year, including DESTRUCTION/ CONSTRUCTION, IN RELATIONSHIP


  • Glorious Glass begins in February in Taunton, Exhibition, Forum Day, &Glass Fair
  • CGS works with the Design Trust offering on line training, BUSINESS BOOSTER COURSE

History of the Contemporary Glass Society Recent History (35kb) - download our full history as a word document.

Image shown is the Glass Games Baton by Bruce Marks which was commissioned as part of the Glass Games project in 2012. The baton travelled to 7 venues throughout Scotland, England and Wales to echo travels of Olympic Torch and was then donated to Broadfield House Glass Museum at beginning of 2013