About CGS

Glass is a versatile and captivating medium, which touches our lives in many ways and brings much pleasure and joy to those who behold, make and design it. The art-form is an ancient craft and is also at the forefront of technology.

The unique qualities of glass can transform an environment and through the experience of art it can also have an extraordinary impact on people. However, artists need access to a community that can support, encourage and inspire them, that can provide quality information, opportunities and business support. They need to be given a collective, international voice and the environment to dare, push boundaries, and develop and master techniques.

Originally established in 1997 to represent the interests of glassmakers within the national and international community, The Contemporary Glass Society, CGS, now has over 900 members and is continuing to grow significantly. We are an international, charitable organisation and we are very passionate about glass and the artists working with this amazing medium.

“CGS has introduced many interesting possibilities to me and enabled me to admire and appreciate so much more of what is going on in contemporary glass. Being a member of the organisation is essential to my practice and interests.”

Katharine Coleman, MBE is one of the founding members and a trustee of CGS. Katharine is a freelance glass engraver and designer, who has received international acclaim.

(Image shown is Katharine Coleman's )