VERRE’ EGLOMISE ™ FLOAT GLASS WORKSHOP 3 day workshop with Peggy Pettigrew Stewart

3rd and 10th October

EGLOMISE ™ is a technique that will change your art glass forever. Creating
glass new & beautiful. Peggy's  workshop has been updated with new
expanded techniques, materials, tools & equipment. A wonderful
alternative to fusible colored glass. Each student
will learn a unique techniques and process to create stunning glass
art. It can be combined with fusing, slumping or worked flat. It can
be used to create a variety of glass creations LARGE & SMALL
(sculptural to functional). This includes large bowls, vessels,
sculpture, tables, furniture, sinks as well as SMALL art, décor &
jewelry. This process can be used on ANY type of glass, including
Float. This workshop will include working with float glass in the
kiln. This process includes kiln forming / sculpting the glass by
making your own mould. Each student will learn sandblasting & sand carving which is combined with the beautiful techniques of working
Intaglio (reverse). Students will be painting, and combing overlay of exotic metals
(copper, gold or silver). The class is suitable for all, beginners to
professional level glass artists. Students of all skill levels will
find this class new & exciting.
Each student will create & take home a beautiful
large kiln formed glass piece (sculpture or bowl). The glass will be very thick
(1/2”) and 12” diameter.  Students will have hands-on sandblasting &
sandcarving. Whether you are a beginner or pro with sandblasting you
will learn new techniques. Students will return home with skills
knowledge, materials and the ability to continue using this unique
technique. The process allows for students to create beautiful art
For more information and to book please visit the website

Liz Sparkes