Three Master Class @The Glass Hub

Three workshops at The Glass Hub in association with CGS and the Conference - CONNECTIONS

THE PERFECT VESSEL - Masterclass with Karl Harron

"Form: which shape is determined, as distinguished from the material of which it is composed, giving it individuality and a distinctive character". The aim of this 7-day class led by artist and master craftsman Karl Harron is to achieve a "sublime form". While negotiating the technical challenges of deep-slumping into three-step ceramic moulds, students will be encouraged to develop their aesthetic and conceptual perspective, rather than just mastering a technique. Students will further challenge themselves by designing the piece using only two colours of reactive opalescent sheet glass, with mark-making realized through the application of frit, powder, confetti and stringer. This is not a beginners course but don't be put off by the term "master class". If you are comfortable handling glass and wish to expand your knowledge and understanding of the material then please apply. Discussions, Powerpoint presentations by all and technical talks will encourage and enable students to expand their ideas once outside the classroom. The participants on this course will need to have a level of experience which will allow them to get the most out of the course.

Ulster Artist and master craftsman Karl Harron, born in Belfast 1953 is a respected and successful glass artist now based in N. Ireland. With an emphasis on design-led, innovative work, his distinctive style is characterised by the subtle tones and complex mark making created by exploiting a third element within the body of his pieces, created at the interface between reactive glasses. His aesthetic vision demonstrates a profound appreciation of processes and critical enquiry. Harron has facilitated international master classes in the UK, Australia, Ireland, USA, Norway, Denmark, Singapore and Switzerland. His work is held in corporate, private and public collections throughout the world including The Permanent Collection North Lands Creative Glass Scotland; National Museum of Ireland Collection of Decorative Arts; Bullseye Glass Company Corporate Collection Portland; Taidemuseo Museum of Art Finland; Washington DC USA; Dan Klein and Alan J Poole (Private Collection) London GB; Broadfield House Glass Museum; The Ulster Museum Permanent Collection Belfast; The National Museums of Scotland Edinburugh; The National Museum of Ireland Permanent Collection IRL . More about Karl

COURSE LEVEL: Intermediate - advanced glass skills and kilnforming experience required
Saturday 7 - Friday 13 October 2017- 7 days (10am - 5pm)
COURSE FEE: £875 - Instalment plans possible - Please contact us.
Or telephone The Glass Hub – 01225 768888. Email:


This five-day class will focus on cane techniques and functional objects. All of the basics of working with cane--pulling straight and twisted canes, and using them to form blown glass objects--will be covered, alongside a
thoughtful approach to designing and making functional wares. Students will learn how to work in the studio using production techniques and teamwork so that multiple objects can be made with greater efficiency, paying close attention to details of form and finish. Daily demonstrations will supplement supervised practice sessions so that students can progress as quickly as possible in an immersive, intensive studio environment.

Scott is internationally known as a glassblower and educator with a speciality in Italian cane techniques. He has conducted workshops on these techniques in the UK, ROI, Turkey, Japan and throughout the United States where he resided for many years. He was a director of the Glass Art Society in the U.S. and is currently on the GAS Advisory Board. Scott takes the exquisite techniques of mid-century Italian glass as a starting point for his work. He moves beyond historical replica by intentionally disrupting the rhythm and order of pattern to create unique, tension filled pieces that question our ideas about perfection and control.“I've always seen my work as an extension of an historical narrative that is about the material. It exists in relation to the long history of glass objects and embraces the techniques and traditions that enliven that history. The feeling of connection to past practice and to the heritage of glass motivates me as I seek to add to that ongoing conversation”. See

COURSE LEVEL: Intermediate - Advanced
Monday 16 - Friday 20 October 2017 - 5 days (10am –4.30pm)
Or telephone The Glass Hub – 01225 768888. Email:

FORM TO FUSE - Masterclass with AndreaSpencer

This class will focus on cross-pollination between flameworking and fusing. Over a period of two days we will explore the potential of using flameworking techniques to create elements that can be fused to the surface of sheet glass. We will investigate solid-sculpting, drawing, colour applications, carving/texturing and construction at the torch and then use these elements in combination with the effect of heat manipulation in the kiln. The class will include demonstrations and class discussions, as well a time for individual practise at the torch. The emphasis of the class will be on experimentation and new discoveries as opposed to creating finished pieces.


Andrea Spencer graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1993 with a BA (Hons) in Architectural Glass. Her commissioned art works specialise in innovative applications of glass for the built environment. Her small-scale sculpture and site-specific installations are concept driven, drawing from natural forms to create artworks that carry a personal narrative. Throughout her work she maintains an emphasis on the unique properties of glass, exploiting the intrinsic qualities of transparency, fragility and fluidity inherent within the material through the making process. Andrea’s work is held in significant public and private collections and has been exhibited in galleries in the UK, USA and China, including the last three British Glass Biennale exhibitions. She has been an artist-in-residence at North Lands Creative Glass (Scotland) and has been a visiting artist at Penland School of Crafts (USA) and Pilchuck Glass School (USA). Her work has been featured in the Corning Museum of Glass’ New Glass Review (2010). See
COURSE LEVEL: Intermediate
Thursday19 - Friday 20 October 2017 - 2 days (10am –4.30pm)
Or telephone The Glass Hub – 01225 768888. Email: