Sandblasting with UV Resist with Erna Piechna-Sowersby

23 March 2017

On this discovery day, we will show you how it works, which type of equipment you need and how you can develop your own ideas. Photosensitive sandblast resist opens up numerous possibilities, as the technique can be applied to individual art work as well as to serial production. Sketches, photos or computer graphics – almost any type of design can be used for photo sandblasting on glass. In this workshop we will show you all the important steps to enable you to apply the technique successfully in your own working environment. You will create reference samples using various resists and glass types.

Topics covered will include:

* Creating a design on transparent film - hand drawn or computer image
* Exposure of the photosensitive resist to UV light
* Transfer of the resist onto glass
* Working with different resist thicknesses
* Learning how to use the sandblasting set-up
* Finishing
* Working with different types of glass for artistic effect

Skill level - No prior skills required

A light lunch and refreshments will be provided.

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Angela Bennett