From Offcuts to Masterpieces - Erna Piechna

6-7th Nov 2017

Join this class and be inspired to turn your ever-accumulating pot of glass offcuts into a masterpiece. Let’s face it, everybody has a pot or two of offcuts in their studio and this workshop will present a number of exciting techniques for melting them down to create brand new slabs of glass. They will then be cut, either by hand or by diamond saw, and re-fused to create new and highly individual pieces of art.

The techniques covered in this 2 day class are:

‘Combing’ - working at the open kiln to create specific colour mixes and movements

‘Flower Pot’ and ‘Chicken Wire’ Melts - to obtain random colour patterns and striations

‘Casting’ – a small box work project

In the class we will work with Bullseye glass, but the methods used can also be applied to any other compatible ranges of glass.

Projects: 1 finished platter, 1 box cast, plus reference samples

Skill Level: Beginner to intermediate

Angela Bennett