North Lands Creative Glass 2014 International Conference ‘The Place and The Work’

Saturday 6, Sunday 7 September 2014

North Lands Creative Glass 2014 International Conference

‘The Place and The Work’ Conference will be held on Saturday 6, Sunday 7 September.

Making art works in relation to place is the focus of this year’s North Lands Creative Glass Conference and Master Classes; acknowledging how artists and their work connect to their surroundings, landscape, architecture, history and social context.

We see more interactive public art, more artists responding to and working with communities. Artists are making works that respond to weather, nature or urban environments, to political discourse and social situations. It seems that some artists and public demand less autonomous disconnected sculpture favouring instead a more connected vision.

We ask questions about what it means to experience remoteness, how this and being in a place away from home affect an artist’s work. What influences the particularities of a landscape can have and what it means to collaborate with artists in close proximity, to work intensively with no distractions and to embrace or reject the surroundings.

What can happen when we go beyond our familiar studio environment and step outside into a bigger picture? What does it mean to be a glass specialist in this place, at this time?

Tickets (incl. VAT):
Conference £200
Reduced fee for Master Class participants £160
Full-time students £145
There is a 10% discount for CGS members

Members of the Contemporary Glass Society and Scottish Glass Society will get a 10% discount on Conference fees.

to book or for more information call Grace on 01593721229 for more information