Glass Slumping Moulds

A selection of Glass Slumping Moulds for Sale

Round (Spherical) Ceramic Mould (2 No.)
29cm wide, slumps to approx 28cm diam
7cm deep round spherical base
£33 each including postage

Round Steel Mould
31cm diam - 10cm flat base, 6cm deep
Distinctive uncommon shape, Imported from the U.S
£30 including postage

Round ceramic grooved frit mould
25cm diameter with concentric 10mm deep grooves
£23 including postage

The round moulds are still coated with kiln fire and ready to use.
The spherical moulds are particularly good as it doesn't matter how your piece slumps it still comes out even!
I have never used the frit mould so it's pristine.

Carla Sealey