Drop Out Technique - View & Transparency, with Erna Piechna

24-25 March

The raw material for this work is a transparent coloured glass block, which will be transformed into a tall elegant vessel by means of the drop out process. The interaction of material and process will lead to a clarity in the glass, which normally can only be obtained by glass blowing.

Further steps include the separation of the ‘collar’ as well as shaping and polishing on the lapping machine. Special light effects are achieved by intricate sandblasting which, by means of photosensitive masks and commercial resist foils will create complex shiny and matt patterns on the glass surface.

Students will create two vessels in the class which will enter a dialogue through concept of colour, shape and texture.
Projects: Two vessels plus reference samples

Skill Level: Some experience in kiln forming is advantageous.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided each day.

Visit http://www.creativeglassshop.co.uk/product/35757/24-25-march-drop-out-te... to get booked in.

Angela Bennett