Conquering Kiln Firing

30 June 2018

Saturday 30 June 2018, 10–3.30pm, £145 (max 6 students)
Burrows Lea Farm, Unit 14, Shere, Surrey GU5 9QQ

Are you at the stage where a better understanding of how to build and alter programmes would improve your work? Subtle effects can be achieved within only 5 degrees so it is imperative you understand your kiln type, and other factors affecting your firings. Standard firing schedules provided by the kiln manufacturer or glass supplier may not suit your needs as you advance. This workshop aims to take you step-by-step through each phase of the fusing/slumping/casting process, define what is happening and help you build a programme to achieve the results you’ll need, based on your kiln and glass type (Bullseye, Spectrum, float etc). These principals will apply to any controller type and a variety of kilns. Other subjects such as kiln preparation (paper, kiln shelves, positioning) maintenance and a range of program types for fusing and slumping will be covered.

The session will also include a fuser’s ‘surgery’ where students bring two items to problem solve in a group discussion where we’ll learn from mistakes and happy accidents. Many examples of Lisa’s tests will be available (and explained) along with hand-outs and a visual presentation will be delivered so you leave feeling more confident trouble shooting and designing your own programs. Pre-course homework involving two firings will be set in order to help establish a standard for your kiln. This is an intermediate course so it is best if you own or have access to a kiln on a regular basis. Bring a packed lunch but coffee and tea are provided.

Please email Lisa for more information and booking forms. Course information also at

Lisa Pettibone