Wish You Were Here CGS Open Exhibition

Wish You Were Here CGS Open Exhibition

Sponsored by Mark Holford

Expression of interest

A chance to participate in a vibrant Contemporary Glass Society exhibition and be at the heart of what’s happening at the International Festival of Glass in May 2015.

The sending and receiving of postcards is a tradition that goes way back when. From the seaside to the sick bed, this deceptively simple form of communication offers a chance for humour, ritual and information as well as affection and tenderness - all dressed up in a punchy visual form.

The CGS challenges its members to send us a glass postcard. What will you say?

Wish You Were Here follows on from the great success of our Medallions exhibition at the Festival of Glass in 2012. 83 glass medals were submitted, and over half of these sold. The show was a huge hit with press and public alike. So don’t miss out – begin planning now!

If you’d like to take part, you must fill in the form below and email it to us by January 31, 2015

Thanks to our Sponsors
This show has been made possible by the generous support of Mark Holford, our main private donor and craft & design magazine, our corporate sponsor. We would also like to thank supporters Kilncare, Alan J Poole and John Agnew.