We hope you will find this section full of useful information, contacts and things that are going on, whether you are an artist, collector, gallery, magazine editor, a student or simply just love glass.


Thanks to the generosity of our members we are able to hold another fundraising raffle, which will be drawn at this years International Festival of Glass in Stourbridge 24th - 28th August. This is your chance to own one of the three fantastic piece of glass illustrated here plus many more prizes such as a collection of catalogues from GLAZENHUIS Museum Belgium.


CGS GLASS PRIZE and Graduate Review

Following on from the successful annual student glass prize awarded at ‘New Designers’, C.G.S. has decided to expand the opportunity for all British and Irish glass graduates. We have replaced the New Designers Glass Award with a more inclusive publication, “C.G.S. Graduate Review”. This is a 16 page publication, which will be circulated extensively as well as via Neues Glas - New Glass: Art & Architecture, crafts&design and CRAFTS social media and will give us an opportunity to showcase more of the emerging talent form British Graduates. There will be prizes for the Winner and two Runners-up.


Glass Art Magazine is offering CGS members 10% discount in June.


VESSELS at Vessel Gallery London
6th July - 19th August 2017
CGS Open Exhibition

CGS is delighted to announce our open show at Vessel Gallery London.

Vessels have been with us for thousands of years and are part of our everyday use.
CGS has challenged its members to create an exciting variation of an everyday object, to use their imagination and produce a fantastic vessel. The only restriction is, its volume should not be more than 750ml.

136 CGS members have said they will take part in this amazing show, including artists Angela Thwaites, katharine Coleman, Rachel Elliott, Stewart Hearn Debbie Timperley, & David Reekie.
The work will sell from £100 - £500 maximum


CGS Conference 2017
CONNECTIONS : Glancing backwards, seeing the present, focusing on the future
Sponsored by Warm Glass UK in partnership with Bullseye Glass Co
Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th October 2017
Venue : M Shed , Princes Wharf, Wapping Road, Bristol, BS1 4RN
Tel 01179273 086