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Adjustabail – the innovative way to hang your glass art.
The Adjustabail range of products has been specifically designed to enable glass and ceramic art to be wall-mounted with ease. Glass artist Becky Wills, of Yellow Dog Glass, and her engineer husband designed these products and have them manufactured in the UK. ‘Having been a glass maker for nearly 20 years, I am acutely aware of the issues with hanging and displaying glass. There have been very few options other than metal stand-offs often involving drilling holes in the glass, very visible and complicated to put up. We have designed a solution that is easy, discreet, adjustable and cost effective.’
The Mini Adjustabail is a 30mm square component which creates a 10mm stand-off. You only need one of these to hang a panel up to 1.5kg in weight.
The Midi Adjustabail is a slug and bracket combination. Attach the slug to the back of your wall art with the recommended adhesive and screw the bracket to the wall with the fixings provided. The panel will then slot down into the bracket and can be adjusted for levelness. We supply stand-offs if the panel is very long or if, for design reasons, you want to hang the panels with the slug placed near the top. The Midi Adjustabail can carry up to 5kg in weight.
The Maxi Adjustabail is a similar combination to the Midi, but having a much larger surface area is able to carry up to 20kg in weight.
The products come with the required fixings and detailed instructions for both the artist and installer. We also sell the recommended adhesive Loctite Hysol 3430. Please visit for further information.