CGS 2017 Fund Raising Raffle

CGS 2017 Fund Raising Raffle
Thanks to the generosity of our members we are able to hold another fundraising raffle, which will be drawn at this years International Festival of Glass in Stourbridge 24th - 28th August. This is your chance to own one of the three fantastic piece of glass illustrated here plus many more prizes such as a collection of catalogues from GLAZENHUIS Museum Belgium.

How to buy you tickets
Tickets will be on sale during the Festival and are £2 each, in books of 5, but you can also buy your tickets now. You can pay by paypal our account is, (please reference raffle and your last name) , then send me an email telling me how many tickets you have bought, and I will post them to you, or hold them with your name on them.
You can also pay by bank transfer, or cheque, ask me for details

Catherine Hough - Seascape

Our target fundraising from the raffle is £1,000
We have 950 members, if you all buy one ticket we shall exceed our target. If you buy a book of 5 tickets we will have well exceeded our target and will have the funds to start work on our 2018 events programme.
We welcome your suggestions for next years programme, we are already working with several venues across the U.K. to stage exciting exhibitions and we know collectors would like us to organise an event for them. We are encouraging Hubs to organise regional gathering but do tell us anything else you think would be useful.

Cathryn Shilling - Garniture

Good luck, we have had some very happy winners from our past raffles.
But your tickets to have a chance of winning a wonderful piece of glass work.

Stewart Hearn - Limited edition Miniature Soft Pot 36/100

Thomas Petit - Sea Shore