Advance Notification of next CGS online gallery exhibition


We are announcing our next online gallery exhibition a little ahead of time, to give people a chance to perhaps work on a piece or create something for this show.

We are looking for glass artists that explore Graal and Ariel Techniques for this show.

In this exhibition we are inviting artists to share the old Swedish glassblowing techniques of ariel and graal.

Graal is a type of decorative glass developed by Orrefors of Sweden in 1916. The design is carved, engraved, or etched on a parison of colored glass, which is then reheated and cased in a thick layer of transparent glass of a different color, and inflated.

In the ariel technique, a colored layer of glass is encased by a clear layer. Onto this “blank” a design is applied by sandblasting. This is then encased in clear glass and it is heated again and blown into its final form and size. While encasing colored glass that was engraved, air bubbles trapped in the recesses of the design remain.

Both techniques are part of the Swedish art glass movement.

The deadline is 22nd April. If you are a CGS member already, please login in here:

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As with all the CGS gallery shows, this will be a juried exhibition.

Please check out our resources area for guidance on photography on our 'How To' section.

If you have any questions about taking part, please contact Nicola Schellander at