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A kiln glass worker with 15 years experience. Specialises in contemporary, sometimes abstract work. Produces art pieces, panels, coasters, dishes and jewellery.

Peter Austin

I'm a retired science teacher who makes bowls, dishes, platters and jewellery using Bullseye Glass. These are offered for sale through my website It's the flexible and malleable nature of glass, coming from its amorphous nature, that most appeals to me. Working with it is akin to alchemy and trying to understanding its nature satisfies my scientific bent.

I make fused glass panels for windows, screens and lighting. I like to use texture as well as colour, so the pieces are continually changing with the viewpoint, the time of day, the seasons and the weather. I am generally inspired by nature, but am happy to be pushed out of my comfort zone too.

Jenny Ayrton. Photo by Clash & Clash Photography

Jenny Ayrton captures miniature wonderlands in molten glass. Inspired by familiar everyday details, her cast-glass scenes provoke a sense of nostalgia, providing a stage-set for your own story.

Backhaus-Brown is a glass making company owned and operated by husband and wife Nanna Backhaus and Andrew Jason Brown.

Situated in Hundested Harbour,north west of Copenhagen, Glassmedjen is our purpose-built glass workshop and gallery where customers can experience glass being made close up and then buy from our selection of handmade glass products.

David Williams

After completing a BA(Hons) in Glass and Ceramics in 2014 from the University of Sunderland, Emma has worked at glass studios across the UK and abroad, settling in her current position at Devereux & Huskie Glassworks in Wiltshire, UK.

Using blown glass, Emma's work focuses on celebrating memories through the presentation or re-creation of important objects.