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Exploring colour, light. Painting, casting, kiln work. Enjoys applying new technology to glass.


Lou Owen-Jones

It is the glass that draws me to it and pulls me in. For a hard, immovable medium you can achieve the impression of movement and texture, both actual and implied, making it irresistibly tactile and interactive. I knew from my first involvement that I was going to continue working with glass. You can trial ideas for weeks or months before finally opening the kiln to see the piece that makes your soul sing. After experimenting for 8 years I have still only brushed the surface of its capabilities but I am finally finding the path that it wants me to take.

Will Stacey

When I started working in glass, playing with coloured glass and the effects of light on it became an inspiration and compulsion for me. My glasswork is varied, from the magical world of my glass book and its related curiosities, to glass bowls and panels, using printing, hand-painting and etching techniques.

Jade Pinnell

Colour and movement are my passion and glass is a perfect medium for indulging these. Primarily casting and fusing using colour to make pictures and shapes showing relationships, repititions and flows.

Introduced in the nineteen eighties to the working of the magically transformative medium of glass by Anthony Stern, who metamorphosed in the fullness of time, by some alchemy inherent in the procedures, into being one of a generous allocation (ten) of half siblings. Works in glass have been included in national collections, and the Corning New Glass review.

Took up playing with glass when I retired as a professional Engineer. I'm working my way through the variety of ways you can create glass images using the different techniques available nowadays. From Leaded panels, printing on the glass, fusing, sand blasting, through to casting.

Ian Blantern

Paul Stopler is a Bristol based glass artist practicing lost-wax kiln-casting. He graduated with an MA in Ceramics and Glass from the Royal College of Art in 2011, before joining Bristol’s Maze Studios in 2013.