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Photography by Haydn Denman

Ruth works from her studio, based in Cardiff, where she produces a variety of kiln formed, gravity dropped vessels. These vessels create an interplay of light, form and colour that is evocative of the natural world which surrounds us. They take on their own persona and become artworks in their own right as glass sculptures.

I have come to kiln working a little late in life and am self-taught. Through successes and failures (more of the later) I continue to learn. I am also keen on experimenting with new techniques. I suspect my profile will change as my experience grows

Jo Hounsome

The historic garment touched by the lives of women captivates me; hiding in them undisclosed stories of confinement, loss and survival.

Ester Segarra

After a career as a Graphic Designer a move to the USA prompted me to pursue a new creative direction. I studied the art and craft of Stained Glass in Connecticut and then on my return to London I began studying and working with both Kiln formed glass and Blown glass. In 2009 I set up my own professional practice. In 2010 I joined the team at London Glassblowing Studio and Gallery as Curator.

SilPhi Glass

We are Silvia and Philip Crawford. We use Murano glass to make beads individually by hand, and turn them into colourful, stylish jewellery. We trained in Venice Italy with Davide Penso and Kristina Logan. We work in our studio in the Isle of Dogs in London's docklands. Our main focus is making the things we like. However, we are willing to offer beginner training to one or maximum two people at a time,

Rob Silversides

What I like doing best? Painting on glass, though recently I have been adding texture through kiln work. I am inspired by the richness of historical glass in early architecture and drawn to images of the natural world.

A J Simmons

I make kilnformed glass vessels, playing with gravity in the kiln to form parabolic and hyperbolic curves, manipulating mass, heat, colour and time.