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Having retired from a varied career in planning and conservation I entered the exciting world of glass art and set up my studio in 2009. I work from Penarth, on the coast of the Vale of Glamorgan where I have lived for over 30 years. My main inspirations come from the natural world of seacapes and gardens. I particularly love the three-dimentional qualities of kiln-formed glass and my work includes scenes and plaques as well as tableware and jewellery.

Colin Davison

I use predominantly hot glass to create factual and imagined objects that often take the form of individual pieces or collections of curiosities. Inspiration comes from many sources. Personal experiences, peculiar facts, elaborate hoaxes and more recently, voyages of discovery, endeavour and exploration all help to inform, whilst a passion for both traditional craft skills and innovative new technologies play an important part in the execution of the work.

Photo: Matthew Booth

Roberta Mason, the designer/maker behind Blue Chromis Glass, uses kilnforming and hot glass techniques to create unique work that is strongly influenced by water. Her work often explores our relationship with the sea, it’s inhabitants and boundaries.

Masque Beads

We are glass artists living and working in Edinburgh, Scotland, designing and creating artisan lampwork using a wide range of glass materials sourced from around the world. Each of our art glass beads is individually handmade at the torch, placed directly into the hot kiln where it is fully annealed for strength.

Kathleen Mather

Glass is a fantastic medium to work in; it is beautiful and also useful. I enjoy making items that have functional application, that are tactile, and that are good for more than just 'looking at'. Functional. Beautiful. Glass.

I am a Sheffield based glass artist and teacher. The areas I work in are traditional stained glass / Tiffany stained glass and kiln formed glass.

I studied Three dimensional design at Manchester metropolitan university.

Designer, maker and photography; Tony McCabe 2015

Originally training as a 3D designer in Glass and ceramics, I've been working in IT as my main career but always kept an interest in design, doing some Web design when in IT and now my interest has returned to Glass as a medium. I'm now studying Glass on an MA in Applied Art and Design at Wolverhampton. My blown glass forms revolve around experimental form with inclusions of different material, trying to develop a technique that gives me some consistency and ability to reproduce pattern and textural qualities. I will try sculptural pieces that get quite complex, such as the cartridge vessels.