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David Lilly

Fascinated by forgotten techniques in glass & wood, David loves to try & bring them back into the public view. Not only is David the only UK artist who knows Dalle de Verre window making, but also he is also the only one reimagining Dalle de Verre.

Kevin Greenfield

I graduated in 1989 with a glass and ceramic degree. I relocated to the Scottish Borders in 1993 where I design and sandblast my colourful crystal bowls and one off pieces. I draw most of my inspiration from local flora and fauna or the sea.

Jane Littlefield

Jane Littlefield is a stained glass artist based in the Peak District. She has a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art. She with stained glass to create contemporary installations. Jane has also worked on lots of projects with schools and community groups to design and make stained glass windows for their buildings.

VEE 2016

Glass delights me with its colours, textures and versatility. I aim to explore and challenge my boundaries by creating intriguing, fascinating and perplexing objects to enchant and amuse; some of which may even prove useful.

Karen Liversedge

Thinking and design time are my most important building blocks. They are such an enjoyable part of the creative process!
Colour, form, movement and light are prime motivators in my work.
Newness is my challenge.

Attracted to the vibrant colours and translucency of Bullseye glass, I began fusing glass five years ago. I now make jewellery and tableware, and artworks inspired by the varied landscapes of the Vale of Glamorgan.

Simon Bruntnell

I am currently Artist in Residence at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham. During my residency I am further developing my MA work and beginning to create a new body of work. This work is informed by my previous career as an archaeologist.

Lollie LaRouge Hagan