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Photography - James Mann

Joshua is a Senior Technician on BA(Hons) Contemporary Crafts at Falmouth University and part-time maker specialising in kiln formed glass.

Joshua makes sculptural objects and a range functional glassware. The making process and material language is fundamental to Joshua’s glass and mixed media assemblages. Joshua is interested in the junctions between materials and plays with methods of joining and combining materials. Form, material combinations, pattern and colour are inspired by a variety of sources including; architecture, contemporary design and post industrial landscapes.

Main Entrance, Private Residence, Forest Hill, London

Designer & maker of contemporary and period-influenced stained glass. I specialize in commissioned work for residential and public spaces always seeking a distinct solution to every project. Since establishing my first glass studio in 1988, I have successfully completed scores of commissions and enjoy worling with my clients.

My work is somewhat self-indulgent; I use my life and experience as the canvas upon which I work. With my creations, I speak a personal truth which in my opinion is what art should give to the world, it’s a luxury we cannot be without and I can only wish that the viewer will relate to the work with their own unique, personal viewpoint. The work I make is deeply rooted in symbolic historical and individual mythology. On occasion I delight in depicting a famous painting or poem, but as always with my own peculiar twist.

Why do I make art? Because I have to!

Photographed by Robert Mårtensson

I am a London based artist and have run several art programmes/workshops alongside my practice.

Kate Henderson

Kate Henderson trained in Stained glass at Edinburgh College of art (ECA) graduating BA(hons) and then with Post graduate diploma in design specialising in glass in the early nineties and has since built up a varied portfolio of commissioned stained glass works and well received painting exhibitions. She is an elected Associate Member of the British Society of Master Glass Painters, a Professional Member of the Society of Scottish Artists and is an active member of the Scottish Glass Society, holding the post of Vice Chair in 2012 and recently stepped down as Chair having held the post from 2013 to 2016.

I live and work in Sheffield. Initially most of my work was almost always made using recycled float glass, often with wire inclusions. I rarely use colour, as I like the simplicity of clear glass and wire - a bit like line drawings.
Since 2014, though still often working with float glass, I have been experimenting with lead crystal. Most of this work comprises lead crystal formed to drape over natural objects such as rock or wood. The qualities of the lead crystal mean that from different viewpoints the rock or wood is either visible or obscured by refractions.