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Simon Bruntnell

Although I have been using Glass as my main medium for over forty years I studied Fine Art originally, and this still colours my work. I see myself as a constructivist primarily, combining different types and forms of glass with metals, both cast and fabricated. Kiln forming allows me to stage my form building, and my decision-making along the life of the progression from idea to object. In terms of imagery and intent I feel closer to the English Painting tradition than to more mainstream glass art products. Artists like Graham Sutherland, and Peter Lanyon react with the landscape in a way that I identify with. In so far as I understand my own motives, I try to produce objects that grow from observations and artefacts and which fuse (literally ! ) into a new, personal, complex, decorative unity.

I am a Cambridgeshire sculptor best known for my ‘Cultural Legends’ series of sculpture portraits, featuring luminaries such as Jools Holland, Ken Livingstone and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, all of whom sat for me. I have specialised in kiln formed glass, but currently I am exploring the light and colour of Tiffany and Murano glass to develop unique glass mosaics. I have recently launched my first collection of glass mosaic light switches.

Technique: Cold work, mosaics.

Occupation: Artist.

Discipline: Sculptural, Fine art.

Areas of interest: Exhibition, commissions, workshops & education.

Pippa D'Arcy
Daedalian Glass Studios

Daedaalian Glass Studios was established in 1986 by Davia Walmsley BA(Hons). It is based in Lancashire, England and specialises in casting, fusing, laminating, sandblasting and cold working.

Daedalian Glass is a commercial studio with in-house facilities: original artwork, CAD design, bespoke production, and installation (available worldwide).

Other artists are also welcome to collaborate with Daedalian Glass in creating their designs in glass and project management.

I am an Australian artist living in the North of England. I have interests in glass and ceramic objects