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I am an Australian artist living in the North of England. I have interests in glass and ceramic objects

Philip Lauterbach

Danuna Glass was established in 2014 by Irish glass artist Catherine Wilcoxson. Always having had a fascination with both the method of producing mosaic, and with fusing glass, Catherine began incorporating a mosaic style into her kilnformed glass products. This unique mosaic technique produces intricate designs and patterns in the glass. This technique is complex and time consuming. Each item is made up of hundreds or even thousands of tiny individual cut pieces of glass.

I specialised in glass at the North Wales School of Art and Design, receiving my BA Hons. I was taught by two excellent people who I have much respect for on a professional level.
My work is constantly evolving through memories of how our world breathes, how movement can allow our thoughts to become one with nature and our surroundings. Mindfulness is something I am currently researching in my personal life, knowing when to say 'Yes' and when to walk away. For my children I strive to live a long and happy life, for me I strive to stay sane in this mixed up techo world we now live in....

As a glass practitioner, specialising in glass blowing, I am interested in translating themes and ideas through the use of hot glass. Specifically drawing inspiration from the world around me, I create a variety of tactile blown forms which relate to the source of inspiration through the use of colour combinations and techniques of applying colour. Being an enthusiastic practitioner allows me to take risks and be adventurous through ‘play’ of hot glass; testing its abilities and producing purchasable forms as series of collections. I thrive in collaborative working situations and I thoroughly enjoy working with the public.