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Surrey Sculpture Society, at Beaulieu Motor Museum

Adam has been at the heart of British studio glass for more than 25 years, firstly as a gallerist and subsequently as an artist in his own right, learning glass later in his career and developing self-taught methods. In 2013, Adam moved his gass blowing studio to West Horsley, Surrey. Adam specialises in free blown glass. His vessels and sculptures are at once a celebration of the simplicity of pure form, and also an investigation into layering.

Chrystalla Achilleos

Chrystalla’s fascination between opposites and contradictions to form hybrids and paradoxes, has been the driving theme behind her work for the last few years. Glass as a material, the epitome of contradiction, allows her to explore and express this keen interest on a multitude of levels. Coming from a Fine Art background and using a diverse range of techniques (such as deep sandblasting, water-jet cutting, blowing, kiln-work, laminating and lamp-working), Chrystalla has developed a personal approach to translating her ideas into art glass, achieving a simultaneous balance and conflict between modern and traditional practices.

Graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1996 with a degree in Three dimmentional design, specializing in Kiln formed Glass. Opened my studio in Glossop, Derbyshire in 1996.My work is sculptural, I did a lot of work using the mask, or from life drawing. My recent work is more abstract, based on organic forms.

Johnny Korkman

I moved to Helsinki in February 1998. After months in a black and white world (a Finnish winter!) I wanted COLOUR and I found it working with stained glass. Since then I have taken every opportunity to study and work with glass (hot, warm and cold), using as many different techniques as possible. The variety in my work reflects this, as does my Finnish vocabulary! I also make mixed media pieces, using my own photographs and monoprints.

Ludic Vases
Tim Spriddell