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I have been working with Glass for 30 years. After learning the technicques, of stained glass. I established my own business making and designing panels for private residences and commercial. My desire to further explore the possibilities of glaas, promted me to enrol in a degree course at Plymouth. followed by an MA at Sunderland.This has led me to explore outher methods of working with glass, mainly casting glass in to moulds and working with more sculptural forms.

Croucher Sally

I trained at Loughborough Art College in Three Dimensional Design specialising in Ceramics. I have taught and made since then but have fairly recently discovered the delights of kiln formed glass. I haven`t looked back and continue to explore technique, colour and form through this inspiring material.

Photograph by the Artist

I am a contemporary artist driven by material. I predominantly work with base and precious metals making abstract and sculptural form jewellery, vessels and objects that explores the relationship, connection and movement of humans within the surroundings of public spaces.

However, like alchemist my curiosity of materials led me to explore the chemistry and parallel of metal and glass. The fusion of both materials and how they compliments each other. I experiment and developed my own metal alloys which I mix with glass and kiln-cast into art objects of abstract colours with great success.

I use ancient and modern techniques to create meaningful and aesthetic pieces of artwork.

It is my aspiration to engage the viewers with my work to form their own connections.

Designer and maker of stained glass for churches, public buildings and private residences.
Elected Fellow of the British Society of Master Glass Painters.
Tutor in adult education.

Sculptor. Lives and creates in Israel. Started sculpturing with stone and bronze and after a visit to Murano, was captured by the glass medium and it's 4th dimension - the light reflection. Studied in Czech Republic, at the Oldest Glass School in Kamenicky Senov, by Janak Frantisek.
The subjects I choose to sculpture derive from observing the way we interact in our lives in all aspects: Having a dialogue with our sexuality, within our family, in the modern society and between ourselves and religions.
Works using casting method, lost wax and finished by cold work.
In my work I try to emphasis these relationships.

With a background in painting and printmaking I enjoy making images using the medium of glass as I am drawn to it's mysterious, elemental nature and the transformative role that heat and light play.
I work in painted leaded and fused glass.

Tamsin Abbott makes illustrated stained glass panels using hand-made coloured glass. Her work is influenced by the British rural landscape, folklore and fairytale.
She creates these magical worlds by painting onto, and engraving into, the surface of the glass. The pieces of glass are then secured together using traditional lead cames and solder, then cemented and polished. The finished panel is displayed by hanging it in front of a window.

Jane O'Neill

Contemporary artist and enthusiastic cyclist based in the Pennines. Inspired by the local landscape of hills, mill towns and rainbows and the view of the world from my bike.