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Ashley Brammer

I'm an Industrial Design Graduate from the Royal College of Art and an accomplished Engineer. I use both strands of my experience to create imaginative and challenging pieces from Kiln Cast and Fused Glass, sometimes combined with wrought iron and other materials.
I now focus full time on that wonderous material glass!

I work in stained glass using traditional techniques but in a unique style which incorporates other materials and skills.

Brett Manley

I work in many forms, sizes and techniques, all reached to create the ideas that nature, architecture and my photography inspire in me.
The scale of my work varies from installations to vessels and jewellery, and is in private, national and college collections. I teach from our beautiful, light, well equipped studio in Perivale, West London.

Foucault Pendulum, Henry Amos.  Glass Form blown by Verity Burley.
Henry Amos

Practicing as both architects and glass artists, we develop innovative projects that focus on the hybrid of these two areas on scales from the micro to the mega. We include a range of interactive technology including sound and light and provide an innovative approach to structural and integrated work.

Having worked in original cast and fused glass for several years now and best known for her Iceberg Series of sculptures, Adriana’s latest artworks use a method called eggshell Pâte de Verre, which looks very fragile but is deceptively strong.

A regular exhibitor at the prestigious Mall Galleries in London and October’s Affordable Art Fair, Adriana also works to commission.