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Colin Davison

I use predominantly hot glass to create factual and imagined objects that often take the form of individual pieces or collections of curiosities. Inspiration comes from many sources. Personal experiences, peculiar facts, elaborate hoaxes and more recently, voyages of discovery, endeavour and exploration all help to inform, whilst a passion for both traditional craft skills and innovative new technologies play an important part in the execution of the work.

by Roberta Mason, Photo: Matthew Booth

I am inspired by the design that surrounds us in nature, architecture and technology and my work is predominately designed with modern, clean lines and strong use of colour. I utilise a range of specialised techniques to enhance the designs and finish the work to a high standard.

Kathleen Mather

Glass is a fantastic medium to work in; it is beautiful and also useful. I enjoy making items that have functional application, that are tactile, and that are good for more than just 'looking at'. Functional. Beautiful. Glass.

I am a Sheffield based glass artist and teacher. The areas I work in are traditional stained glass / Tiffany stained glass and kiln formed glass.

I am studying three dimensional design at Manchester metropolitan university.
I work at The World Of Glass in st helens as a Apprentice glassblower.

Irene McBride

I originally studied printed textile design and after completing a P.G.C.E. I taught Art & Design for a number of years. Consequently I discovered glass and opened my studio, Discovery Glass in County Down in 1990. My work has developed from solely "tiffany" style glass to kiln-formed, fused and stained glass.My creations are very varied, from jewellery to windows and I specialise in commissioned pieces. I offer tuition to small groups of students.

Tony McCabe

My original training was as a designer, and I've kept an interest in design whilst working in IT as my main career. The glass I produce is for my own interest, and experimental in trying to develop a technique with the paperweights that gives me some consistancy and ability to reproduce the form and textural qualities. I enjoy experimenting with colour and different inclusions in the paperweights.

Moonlit GardenFused glass wall panel
Photo:Sarah Murphy