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Flora Jamieson 2014

Contemporary decorative stained glass in bold colours with a strong graphic aesthetic, hand painted kiln-fired. Inspiration comes from the things around me - vintage children's books, wallpaper and fabric patterns, logos and trademarks, poster art and the natural world.

I work to commission and also sell small items online via Etsy and Folksy and in select shops and galleries. Currently selling through Rostra & Rooksmoor Gallery, Bath and The Stained Glass Museum, Ely

I also work as a stained glass painter on a freelance basis. Contact me if you would like to discuss a project. Examples of my work can be seen on my website at


I was a very mature student when I enrolled in High Wycombe College to do a degree in ceramics and glass. I graduated much older and wiser in 1996 and decided to put my newfound knowledge to work. With the aid of Southern Arts Council I set up my workshop in Gawcott, near Buckingham and began making artistic glass by the kiln formed method which melts the glass either to fuse and slump the glass or to melt the glass into a preformed mould.

I welcome visitors to my workshop during Bucks Open Studios in June ( where they can ‘have-a-go’ at making a small fused pendant. Throughout the year I give both beginners and advanced classes in my well-equipped studio. Clients who would like me to make a piece of glass for them are especially welcomed and I take great delight in making a beautiful piece which will meet all their requirements and will be stunningly unique. Recently I have made a window for an oak door, a sink splashback with matching soap dish and seven large panels for an unusual curved stairwell. One of my cast glass sculptures was given as a leaving present to the retiring treasurer of the Aylesbury Vale Arts Council.

Vessel 2009
Pete Chambers

Over the last twenty years Jones has explored the blown glass vessel as a container of more than space and substance, using marking and surface work with the blank forms made by Gillies.Her work has been exhibited extensively in the UK and internationally.

Coloured palette of glass patties made in the hot shop then fused together in 3 hand made moulds. Inspired by poem by Yeats.

I was born in Nottingham in UK in 1947 and now live in Alton, Hampshire. Although I had a career in science, I always loved to draw and paint so for many years art was just a hobby. In my late teens I started dabbling in oils and then moved on to gouache. I developed a distinctive faceted style of painting, applying it to a myriad of subjects.
Following my retirement from teaching, I was at last able to take an art qualification. Following the Access course in Art and Design at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) at Farnham, I did a Foundation Year in the 3D design department. This introduced me to ways of working with glass for which I developed a real passion. I was able learn and use techniques associated with both furnace and kiln formed glass. On completion of the course I bought a small kiln to use at home. I continue to experiment with both recycled bottle glass as well as special glasses, frits and powders and inclusions. I have taken a short course in stained glass and hope to transfer my faceted images to glass.

I am an active member of Alton Art Society and frequently exhibit both my 2D and 3D work. Several of my paintings of Alton have been used on Town Council literature. More information can be found on my website .

Photo: Barbara Jorgensen

My aim is to encapsulate movements in nature