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Photo - C.Hough

The exploration of form and material has always been central to my work. The essential starting point of any piece is the creation of a free blown glass form which is then transformed by the use of coldworking techniques.
Recently I have been re-interpreting my use of these techniques in combination with my interest in photography, nature and environmental concerns. Through the manipulation of images on single or multiple forms I am exploring the interaction of form, line and movement, transparency and reflection.

My work is based around the experience of living in East Yorkshire, very close to the sea . The colours, textures and sensual properties of the shore and surrounding environment are portrayed in mixed media pieces. Translucent kiln formed glass reflects the coastal light.

This is based on my garden stream which is the England/Wales boundary. The pebbles within travel through the seasons.

I trained as a fine artist, painting in ceramics, and have taught art ceramics and 3D for 30 years. I have just completed an MA in glass at the university of Wolverhampton and I have my own studio at home.

Large bowl from Vienna collection.

I design and create several collections of kiln-formed glasswork for the home. Many of my designs are influenced by my training in both textiles and illustration.

Angela Hume

After a career working with children and in the last ten years hearing impaired pupils in a secondary school I decided to embark on furthering my own education and started my degree two years ago. I am studying 3D Contemporary Craft and have been enticed for the last year by working with glass.

Porl Medlock

Jackie’s work is varied, - small domestic pieces to large public artworks - striking patterns; fluid, layered detail; painted, printed, sand-blasted; kiln-formed. Her background is fine art, history, landscape design; she uses these skills to develop her work - inspired by nature, layering processes of history , the glass itself. She also teaches stained glass.