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Punch and Judy- Taz the crocodile
lost wax cast

I am interested in the complexity of the human condition its fragility and painfullness and particulary in the way society reflects this in our everyday lives.

Glass artist Karl Harron combines reactive glass with fine silver to create elegant kiln-formed vessels whose etched and light resonating surfaces have an elemental essence.
In sculpting his glass Harron moves from traditional vessels to exciting expressions of form and material, conveying ideas and visual poetry while still retaining vestiges of their original function.
“These vessels are both functional and enveloping, they embody the preservation of materials and the containment of things precious to us, symbolising fragments of history, reflecting the every day, and conversely the revered. My vessels narrate a story, from where they came, and their reason for being.”

Photo by Laura Hart

I have worked in a variety of mediums to sate my artistic passion, but in 2009 I discovered kiln formed and cast glass - I haven't looked back since. The versatility and fragility of the medium will continue to keep my over-active imagination busy for as long as it still ticks . . .

Martin Haskett
Amber Wave I

I have been working with kilnformed glass since 2000. I produce colourful and textured pieces in a variety of functional and decorative forms. I am constantly inspired by the lines and textures of the natural world; seashells, landscapes, trees etc. Most of my work is kilncast into/onto handmade molds. I also produce lost-wax sculptures and fused pieces.