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Stacey, Phillipa

Lou Owen-Jones
Phillipa Stacey
Looking for water shadows
Phillipa Stacey
Plant scene
Phillipa Stacey
Water sparkling in the stream
Phillipa Stacey
Phillipa Stacey
Phillipa Stacey
Phillipa Stacey
Gardener / Designer

I have always been a creator and a maker and have completed a whole plethora of craft courses becoming a maker of many things but mastering none. Finally, I found kiln formed glass and couldn't leave it alone - not that I will ever become a master - there's way too much to learn to worry about that!

Details about work or recent projects

The intricate details, colour and light of the woodland are inspiring my current necklaces, earrings and pieces for the home.

Pear Tree Cottage
7 Packhorse Lane
Marcham OX13 6NT
United Kingdom
Phone: 07977 460919
Casting, Cold work, Kiln work
Artist, Other: Gardener / designer
Decorative, Functional, Sculptural
Areas of Interest:
Education, Techniques, Workshops