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Claudia Wiegand Handmade Glass

Splash Back, Wood Norton, Worcestershire
Claudia Wiegand

I have worked with glass for over 15 years and make splash backs, wall art, signs and logos, personalised high end gifts and home accessories. I run regular courses from my workshop in Worcestershire and have kiln and workbench facilities available for hire by glass enthusiasts. I have a retail outlet in Pershore selling my glassware.

Details about work or recent projects

My work is predominantly abstract and contemporary, defined by the fabulous range of colours available. Nature is a major source of inspiration - the elements and patterns of the earth such as geological strata, tree branches and roots or shore findings. I enjoy experimenting with different temperatures and firing cycles to create pieces that can be perfectly smooth or very textured, making each one of them highly tactile as well as colourful.

My most popular design is the Tree of Life, which I hand paint and fire on a variety of kiln formed objects, from curved panels to splash backs, wall art and house signs. I personalise them in a subtle way to make unique gifts, which have travelled to many parts of the world, from Canada to Tanzania.

Creative Glass
5 The Royal Arcade
Pershore Worcestershire WR10 1AG
United Kingdom
Phone: 01386 244677
Kiln work, Painting
Artist, Educator, Other: Kiln hire facilities
Architectural, Decorative, Functional
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