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Moira White

Feather2 - detail Moira White
Spring Skies Moira White
Fire Buzzards Moira White
Hares Across the Hills Moira White
Mwnt Moira White
Glimpses - detail Moira White
early morning kites Moira White
Flock Moira White
planetary pendant Moira White
Moriath Glass
glass artist

I play with various warm glass techniques, layering the glass with powders and paint, and often incorporating leaves and printed or stencilled designs. Layers of glass replicate the layers and strata of the land – hills, skies, beaches, rivers and seas.

Details about work or recent projects

Living and working on a smallholding in west Wales I am surrounded by the most wonderful inspiration. I step out of the studio to gather hawthorn, oak and ivy leaves to encase in glass; I look up and spot a pair of ravens skyfalling in dazzling sunlight; I look down and gaze through the reflective surface of the pond to the life teeming in the layers beneath.

01559 371585
Technique: Kiln work
Occupation: Artist
Discipline: Decorative, Functional, Jewellery
Areas of Interest: Exhibition, Marketing, Networking