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Jan Singleton

River Of Kings Contemporary Stained Glass Panels with Jan Singleton
Knot Of Life
Seven Myk Briggs Photography
The Fallen Madonna With The Big Boobies!
Breathe Out
Spotted Flycatcher
Flowers For Mother (set of 2 panels)
Flowers For Mother (set of 2 panels)
Glass artist

Jan Singleton specialises in contemporary stained glass and unique fused glass panels made to commission.

Details about work or recent projects

Commissioned contemporary glass work all over UK and rest of the world. Jan has just returned from 10 months working in Bangkok, where she has completed two large stained glass panels to be fitted into a concrete wall with back lighting.
Pandy Mill Glass Studio has a gallery area where Jan displays examples of her glass art, a dedicated workshop and Jan's own studio. Visitor's are welcome by appointment.

Pandy Mill
LL20 7NT
United Kingdom
01691 718382
Technique: Cold work, Kiln work, Leaded and stained
Occupation: Artist
Discipline: Architectural, Design, Functional
Areas of Interest: Exhibition, Manufacturing, Workshops