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Oloyé, Jariet

'Precious Circle' Lost Wax Kiln-Cast Glass
Jariet Oloyé, Photograph by the Artist
'Floating' Lost Wax Kiln-Cast Glass Vessel
Jariet Oloyé, Photograph by the Artist
'Treasure' Assorted Lost Wax Kiln-Cast Glass Bangles
Jariet Oloyé, Photograph by the Artist
Jariet Oloye

As a multi discipline artist; Materials, processes, and techniques are very important in my work. My work is a collection of abstract sculptural forms and functional art, influenced by public and open spaces. I explore the interconnection of our surroundings - using ancient and modern techniques of lost wax casting and metal alloys to create aesthetic and colourful art objects.

I work to one off pieces and limited editions.

Details about work or recent projects

I incorporate metal with glass to create an intrigue contrast, colourful, and textured body of work that engage with the audience.

Casting, Cold work, Kiln work: Fusing, Slumping
Architectural, Decorative, Design, Functional, Installation, Jewellery, Public art, Sculptural
Areas of Interest:
Competitions, Conferences, Education, Exhibition, Marketing, Networking, Techniques, Workshops