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Rooker, Kelly

Wedgwood Blue, 2009
Simon Bruntnell, 2011
Frozen Movements, 2011
Simon Bruntnell, 2011
Unique Manufacture, 2009
Simon Bruntnell, 2011
Dancing Feet, 2012
Kelly Rooker, 2012
Dance: Street versus Ballet, 2011
Kelly Rooker, 2011
Dance Public Art Prototype, 2011
Kelly Rooker, 2011
Recycled Branding, 2011
Kelly Rooker, 2011
Kelly Rooker
Applied Arts (Glass) BA Graduate and Trainee Art and Design Teacher
University of Wolverhampton

I am an applied artist working mostly in glass as I love its transparency and versatility. I am a material process led maker and I love to experiment and learn new processes. I am currently focussed on kiln casting.
Music and the human form are key elements in my work which has developed through dance, movement, silhouettes and street art. 'Journeys' is a theme I am now focussed on which combines these elements.

Details about work or recent projects

I was recently involved with kiln casting dance panels from moulds I made after dancing the Red Hot Salsa Line Dance on a large slab of clay. I have also kiln cast a shoe, feet and shoe souls which combine with feet and foot prints. My theme is "Journeys" and this links my two projects together.

Casting, Cold work, Kiln work: Screen Printing Enamels
Artist, Educator, Student
Decorative, Design, Sculptural
Areas of Interest:
Competitions, Conferences, Workshops