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Rooker, Kelly

Journeys Collection 2012
Simon Bruntnell, 2013
My Cinderella Story, 2012
Simon Bruntnell, 2013
Journeys - Foot and Boot Print, 2012
Simon Bruntnell, 2013
Journeys - Feet, 2012
Simon Bruntnell, 2013
Wedgwood Blue, 2009
Simon Bruntnell, 2011
Frozen Movements, 2011
Simon Bruntnell, 2011
Unique Manufacture, 2009
Simon Bruntnell, 2011
Dancing Feet, 2012
Kelly Rooker, 2012
Dance: Street versus Ballet, 2011
Kelly Rooker, 2011
Recycled Branding, 2011
Kelly Rooker, 2011
Kelly Rooker
Applied Arts (Glass) BA Graduate and Trainee Art and Design Teacher
University of Wolverhampton

I am an applied artist working mostly in glass as I love its transparency and versatility. I am a material process led maker and I love to experiment and learn new processes. I am currently focussed on kiln casting.
Music and the human form are key elements in my work which has developed through dance, movement, silhouettes and street art. 'Journeys' is a theme I am now focussed on which combines these elements.

Details about work or recent projects

I was recently involved with kiln casting dance panels from moulds I made after dancing the Red Hot Salsa Line Dance on a large slab of clay. I have also kiln cast a shoe, feet and shoe souls which combine with feet and foot prints. My theme is "Journeys" and this links my two projects together.

Casting, Cold work, Kiln work: Screen Printing Enamels
Artist, Educator, Student
Decorative, Design, Sculptural
Areas of Interest:
Competitions, Conferences, Workshops